Airplane Graveyard - Bangkok

In the eastern part of Bangkok along Ramkhamhaeng Road is a plot of land where a few abandoned aircraft are dumped. Since a few years this “airplane graveyard” had become very popular among the so called "adventurous" travelers in Bangkok. However, I find it not that adventurous when you take a taxi ride from your tourist hotel to this hidden place while pointing on a google map and hiding in the backseat of an air-conditioned taxi driving through busy shocking traffic. This is not what I call an adventure of a lifetime.

So what to do to make it really adventurous ? Go there by bicycle or boat !!

The main entrance to the graveyard is on busy Ramkhamheang road, about 50 meters next to Soi 103. Taxi's will find it without a problem but what if I tell you that there is a much more adventurous and nicer entrance at the back of the plot of land along Sean Saep Canal. You can go there by public boat or by bicycle.

To go there by boat is very easy. Just hop on one of the famous public Sean Seab canal boats and go the last stop in Bangkapi called "Wat Sriboon-reung". When you get out of the boat with your back to the canal you go right and walk towards the stairs. Take the stairs up and on the other side take the stairs down. Than another flight of stairs which will take you across a small klong. Walk a few meters and on the left you will see a dirt path going between some lush green. Take the path and walk straight ahead. About 150 meters further you will see the graveyard on the left hand side.

Please note !!!! - This is private land so you will need to pay the normal "front-side" entrance fee once asked for. 

Visit the abandoned aircrafts by bicycle

Just like visiting by boat, cycle on the concrete bicycle lane along Saen Saeb Canal in the direction of Bangkapi, Minburi. Ride you bike on the right hand side. Once you pass the Bangkapi Mall which is situated on the other side of the canal you are almost there. Another couple of hundred meters and you will reach the endpoint of the canal boat at the Wat Sriboon-reung temple on the right hand side.

Just before the temple you will see the bridge over the small klong. Just before that bridge you will see on your right hand side the entrence to the plot of land. Again, this is private land so you will need to pay the normal "front-side" entrance fee once asked for.

Why is this more adventurous going by bike or boat instead of by taxi I hear you asking?

Well this part of Bangkok is still not visited much by tourists. It is off the beaten track. Local people hardly speak any English and life along the canal is like in the old day’s simple and easy going. Here there are no tourist touts or traps to be found.

Instead you will smell, taste, see and discover a part of Bangkok that you will never find in the tourist areas where most regular tourists spend their time. And all this you will miss out if you travel on the backseat of a taxi.

As always, have fun and explore ......... and keep your eyes wide open !!!!

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“Explore Bangkok by bike. Meet the locals, see how the people live in the outskirts of Bangkok. Do you want to see the real Bangkok? Grab your bike and pedal away. Cycling in Bangkok is magic!!”