Nong Bon Lake Bicycle Park

Nong Bon Lake (‘Bung Nong Bon’) is a beautiful and quiet park with a big lake situated in the eastern outskirts of Bangkok in Prawet district, behind the Seacon Square shopping center and next to the famous Rama IX Park. The lake is surrounded by a 4 kilometer long bicycle lane that circles the lake. The main entrance is on Chalermprakiet Road next to the entrance to Rama IX Park. Drive a little bit further to Soi 43 and turn left.

There is also a smaller entrance which we took and that is on the left upperside of the park. This entrance is difficult to find but more on route as we cycled from the Prakanong Canal area close to Pattanakarn Road. When you travel by car or taxi you better enter at the main entrance because that is easier to find.

There are no motorbikes and cars allowed in the park. When you don't have a bicycle you can rent one for 50 baht per 2 hours at the bikeshop "Happy Bike" at the main entrance of the park.

We entered the park through the small entrance at the back of the lake (see picture below). Immediately we noticed the quiet and tranquil surroundings. There where hardly any sounds than the sounds of nature and very few people around.

Starting the loop we turned right and cycled on a very clean asphalted lane surrounded by big trees with loads of shadow from the sun. Every hundred meters or so there are parkbenches facing the lake and some concrete sala's.

We saw some people jogging and walking and some others picknicking on the shore of the lake. Some others sleeping in their hammocks or reading a book while sitting on one of the many benches surrounding the lake.

After about a kilometer or so we arrives at a nice suspension bridge where on the top we got a very nice view of the entire lake and park. There we also saw a small watersport center where you can hire a small sailboat or a canoe.

At some point we entered a tree covered lane which has a dead point and cycling to the end you are totally surrounded by the lake. You can take very nice pictures there and we took a rest. There were no other people around us all the time we stayed there for about an hour. This was really nice and relaxing.

Yes, today we discovered another very nice, green and quiet place in Bangkok to cycle around. But this park is not only for bicycle enthousiast. Nong Bon Lake is also for people who like to walk, excercise, enjoy watersports or just to relax and have some quiet time in nature.

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