Temple of mother Jun - Jungle Temple Bangkok

Close to the Motorway and the Airport Link to Suvarnabhumi Airport there is a temple which is called "Wat Khun Mae Jun" which means "The Temple of Mother Jun". This very nice temple is situated next to a klong and in a very lush green jungle like setting.

When cycling across the railway or along the canal, the entrance to the temple is on the right hand side.

At weekdays it is very quiet so best time to visit is from Monday to Friday.

The inside area of the temple is lined with trees and there are many gardens and lush areas within the temple complex.

This area which is located on the border of Prawet and Ladkrabang used to be a big fruit orchard and could only be reached by boat.

But now you can reach the temple by car and offcourse by bicycle.

The first temple built on this peace of land was built in the King Rama 5 era in the 1800's. but at some stage was abandoned.

Later villagers came and turned the area into a garden and fruit plantation. But in 1988 restoration began and the temple turned into the beautiful and mystical temple as it is today.

You can reach the temple by bicycle through Klong Prawet Burirom and Klong Tha Phuk. By car through the frontage road of Motorway No. 7. If you go by bicycle don't forget to also visit Wat Lan Boon (Lan Boon Temple) which is situated about 1 to 2 kilometers futher along Klong Prawet Buriram. This temple is also very interesting and a well visited temple by the locals.

Today was a quiet short ride along Klong Prawet Burirom. Bike paths along the klong are very good and wide up until the bridge of Kanchanapisek road. Further along the klong the paths are very narrow so for inexperienced cyclists it is better to take the sub-sois from this point. As always, have fun and explore .........

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