Dutch Mill - Bangkok

While riding our weekly bike route we decided to visit some klongs we did not cycle for a couple of months.

We started out at Huamark Stadium on Ramkhamhaeng Road and cycled to Krungthep Kreetha. There we took one of the klong paths in the direction of Saphan Sung. We noticed that most of the bicycle paths on the canals are all renovated with a new concrete and railings.

After a couple of kilometers our mounths fell open because next to the canal we saw this .............

We cycled many times in this area in the past but we never noticed this original Dutch Mill sitting next to the canal. Maybe it is build recently or we were just not paying enough attention to our surroundings. Looking at the state of the mill we guess that it is recently build since it looks very new.

First we tried to get closer by foot because the mill is about 100 meters away from the canal, but there is a high wall of which we guess is the wall of a newly build village.

Than we took a short detour around another canal but unfortunately this also was a dead end.

As we could guess on our GPS we think that the village is only accessable through the main road but we decided to try that another day.

We did not feel like cycling on a busy main road today so we left the area to take a closer look at the Dutch Mill for another day.

As we moved on deeper into the green areas and quiet canals along Saphan Sung we encountered familiar sites and locals who recognised us from previous visits.

The Dutch Mill in Bangkok is situated in the newly build village called "Casa Ville" situated on the road called "Thanon Kheha Rom Klao" in Saphan Sung district. You can see the mill from the canal called "Lat Bua Khao".

Today we discovered something new on one of our very familiar rides. Bangkok is fastly moving ahead so we realized that we have to keep our eyes wide open and re-visit familiar places more often. As always, have fun and explore ......... and keep your eyes wide open !!!!

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