Cycle Track Suvarnabhumi Airport

It is 2015 and today we decided to visit the cycle track around Suvarnabhumi Airport. Bangkok has now it's own airport cycling track of just over 23 kilometers long. The bike track is only for bicycles so no traffic in sight.

Cycling Tour Bangkok

The Suvarnabhumi bicycle track is a cycle lane that goes around Suvarnabhumi airport. The track is only dedicated to cyclists so there is no traffic along the 23 kilometer loop. Along the way you can get close looks at airplanes flying in and out of the Airport. Today we were very lucky since we spotted a big Airbus A-380 from Thai Airways on it's landing at the Airport.

Cycling Tour Bangkok

The Airport bicycle lane is free so no entrance fees. Today we started cycling around 15.00 hours and there were only a handfull of other cyclists. But when we returned at the finish we saw the parking lot packed with cars and hords of cyclists beginning their loop around the airport.

Cycling Tour Bangkok

The track is very smooth and before you know it you have finished the 23 kilometers in ease. The nice thing about the track is that you have wide views of the surroundings. At the start and finish you can buy drinks and there are also toilets there. You could even bring your own refreshments and choose a spot along the route and have a short picknick while watching the planes. The Suvarnabhumi cycling track is a great way to do some excercise and enjoy the airport scenery.

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