Bangkok Canals by Bike

Today we made a 20 kilometer loop through the east of Bangkok. Cycling on your bike in Bangkok is such a pleasure. 80 percent of the trip was along the Bangkok canals. We explored some great parts of green Bangkok and along the way discovered many hidden canals in the Eastern part of Bangkok.

Cycling Tour Bangkok

Here in this part of Bangkok there are many muslim comunities living along the canals. These canals were in the past historically important transportation lines and up to 30 years ago there were almost no roads in these parts of Bangkok. People living here are genuinely friendly and you will find many mosques scattered around the area. Only a few kilometers from the busy city center and you are riding your bike through green fields and alongside lovely canals.

Cycling Tour Bangkok

Sometimes we have to climb across small bridges but this gives us opportunities to make some beautiful pictures.

Cycling Tour Bangkok

And many times we get the feeling by these sights that we are somewhere far upcountry instead of the Bangkok metropolis. The eastern part of Bangkok is also an area where both Muslims and Buddhists all live peacefully together and where the local people are always pleasantly surprised when we as cyclists come explore their area !! Not just the cycling part through this part of Bangkok is a great adventure but also all the stops along the way where you easily come into contact with the locals !!

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“Explore Bangkok by bike. Meet the locals, see how the people live in the outskirts of Bangkok. Do you want to see the real Bangkok? Grab your bike and pedal away. Cycling in Bangkok is magic!!”