Eastern Bangkok and Krungthep Kreetha Klongs

Krungthep Kreetha is a suburb in the eastern part if Bangkok. This part of Bangkok still has large green areas, abundant waterways, canals and klongs. Here you can still find traditional local life with many old neighborhoods and markets.

We started cycling near Krungthep Kreetha close to highway No. 7, along the canals in the direction of Saphan Sung and Minburi.

In the Krungthep Kreetha area there is a large lake situated between Ramkhamhaeng road and the new road that leads to Rom Klao. Locals still fish there and along the banks there are cows and goats roaming around.

Locals still hold cows and bufallos here. Especially one particular area is very nice.

It feels like you are somewhere upcountry and that about 10 kilometers from central Bangkok.


Soon the canal paths started and we could again enjoy the quiteness and greenery along the klongs.

This area is particulary nice because it was very quiet. No people in site along a long strech of canal paths.

A few kilometers further we encountered a local muslim wedding procession. Very colorfull local muslim people and we took some nice pictures.

We saw many old houses and very old wooden bridges. We cycled today about 35 kilometers around Krungthep Kreetha, Minburi, Saphan Sung and Lad Krabang. These are all suburbs in Eastern Bangkok close to highway number 7 and number 9 Kanchanapisek road and the Airport.

Today was again a lovely ride ane we enjoyed it very much. Eastern Bangkok is a very nice area and we will for sure return to these Bangkok subirbs on our bicycles.

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