Saen Saeb Canal - Bangkok

One of the longest canals (Khlongs) in Bangkok is Khlong Saen Saeb, sometimes also spelled as Saen Saep Canal. The klong streches from the Chao Phraya River all the way to the provinces of Prachinburi and Chachoengsao in the east of Thailand. The canal is famous for it's fast and spectacular commuter boats ferrying people between the east and west of Bangkok.

In the old days there where narrow concrete walkways along the canal streching from Prakanong al the way to Minburi. In the last 10 years the government renewed big parts of these walkways and upgraded them to wide bicycle lanes along both sides of the canal. The bicycle lanes start at Prakanong and ends at Minburi Market, a strech of about 17 kilometers.  

Along the bicycle lanes you will find small bridges every few kilometers where you have to carry your bike. Because of these small bridges there is almost no strech where there are motorcycles and this makes this canal extremely pleasant to ride.

The further you go from Prakanong in the direction of Minburi the quieter it becomes with local life, temples and mosques along the way.

Local life is easy and relaxed. A lot of locals fish in the canal or relax in the shade. Small shops every few kilometers so you can stock on water or snacks.

The Khlong Saen Saeb commuter boats are an attraction not to miss. You see plenty of them while riding along the canal.

Close to Minburi you cycle through a canal boat repair station and a small boat graveyard. Both are on the right hand side cycling from Prakanong to Minburi. The Saen Saeb boats are very colorfull, noisy and especially during weekdays crammed full of people.

If you fancy a Starbuck's or a stroll through one of the biggest department stores in eastern Bangkok you can take a stop at the Mall Bangkapi situated on the left hand side of the canal.

Many cannals in the Saphan Sung and Min Buri district come out in Khlong Saen Saeb canal so if you want to explore even further, you can reach Ladkrabang and even Chachoengsao mostly riding on canal pathways or rural roads.

Another very nice ride is in Seri Thai district which you can reach also directly from Saen Saep canal. In a next ride we will take you along this route.

As always, have fun and explore ......... and keep your eyes wide open !!!!

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