Green Bangkok By Bike

Today we made a 50 kilometer zigzag through Bangkok's green ricefields and lush jungle. Yes, Bangkok still has it's ricefields and jungle but you will have to find it and that was not easy. But again with some help from the locals we managed to find eyedropping sceneries. Today was cycling in Bangkok at it's best. We spent de whole day cycling and made many rest stops just to suck in the magnificent views.  

Cycling Tour Bangkok

Some parts of the cycling trip seemed like cycling through green forests. Kilometers long we didn't encounter anybody, only singing birds and quietness all around. These parts are really undiscovered and for now, we will keep the location of this area for ourselves just to preserve it's uniqueness.

Cycling Tour Bangkok

Today was one cycling trip not to be forgotten. Exploring Bangkok's hidden secrets by bike gives us everytime a big smile on our faces and especially this trip. We where overwhelmed by the beauty of the scenery and the lush nature we did encounter today. And the best part of it is that this area is not more than 10 kilometers outside the busy Bangkok city center. Today we dicovered another gem and made us again realize how beautiful Bangkok really is once you step out the tourist packed areas. We can't wait for our next Bangkok Cycling discovery !!!!!

Cycling Tour Bangkok

The scenery today was magnificent. Cycling trough these parts of Bangkok is a real joy. We cycled about 50 kilometers in total through Bangkok's green landscapes. Another great Bangkok Cycling tour and many to follow ...............

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“Explore Bangkok by bike. Meet the locals, see how the people live in the outskirts of Bangkok. Do you want to see the real Bangkok? Grab your bike and pedal away. Cycling in Bangkok is magic!!”