Bangkok Green - Greener

Today was a great day for biking. Cool temperatures and now and then some light rain. We decided to explore some parts of the canals where hardly any person lives. We had to make a few u-turns because of paths that where totally blocked by vegetation or paths that were collapsed. Total distance was about 35 kilometers. Again a very nice ride with lots of navigation due to the remote areas and no people around to ask directions.

Cycling Tour Bangkok

Some locals landscaped a nice part of their remote property. Very nice indeed. We tried to find the owner to make a chat but unfortunately nobody was around.

Cycling Tour Bangkok

A big fishing net but again nobody around. The canals were however full of fish in these remote areas. Maybe next time we will bring our fishing gear along.

Cycling Tour Bangkok

The scenery today was great. No people around, lots of green landscapes, trees and tropical plants. Another great Bangkok Cycling tour and many to follow ...............

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“Explore Bangkok by bike. Meet the locals, see how the people live in the outskirts of Bangkok. Do you want to see the real Bangkok? Grab your bike and pedal away. Cycling in Bangkok is magic!!”